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5.3.2010 : Aijaz was born

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Alhamdulillah on 5th March 2010 we welcomed our third child and our first son, Muhammad Aijaz Wafry bin Mohammad Fitri. He was born in the evening at Hospital USM Kubang Kerian, Kelantan.

May Allah bless Aijaz always.

Thank you to my wife for the 9 month of pregnancy and enduring the pain of labour in delivering our precious one.


High Quality Blended Learning

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Sixth Form Centre, Barakas, Brunei

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I took some time out from assisting Dr Shukri conducting SuperTeaching seminar for teachers in Brunei to mix around with some students here. They were shy initially, but the attraction of my D70s meant it was smiles for the camera!

Brunei school girls

Girls just wanna be photographed


they’re using apple laptop even at sixth form


doing maths

shy taiko


taiko girlfriend?

Handsome trainer at Sixth Form Center, Barakas

Bijak Belajar IPT for Yayasan Proton

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Bijak Belajar IPT for Yayasan Proton

Yayasan Proton scholars Fitri giving Bijak Belajar bunting to Puan Wan Yan
Husna giving her speech Dr Shukri demonstrating confidence

Seminar Bijak Belajar IPT
24-25 November 2007 Eagle Ranch Resort, Port Dickson.

Me, Dr Shukri and my sister Husna conducted the 2 day learning motivation and strategy seminar for 26 Yayasan Proton scholarship holders. The participants were mostly first year local university students, with the majority of them studying Engineering (of course), and some Accountancy and one doing Law. Amongst them were several final year students with two who had just completed their degree and awaiting job posting to Proton.

After several weeks of conducting series of programs for a particular government agency, it was like a breath of fresh air to meet these young smart, energetic and fun-loving group of students. The seminar was also an avenue for Yayasan Proton to forge closer bonding between the students, who had only met once before, and the staff from Proton Human Resource. Special mention must be made to congratulate Puan Wan Yan for her ‘motherly care’ of the students and Puan Farita for successfully organising this program at this special ‘cow-boy town’ resort. Maybe next time, we do some outdoor activity!

To all you Yayasan Proton scholar, study hard and study smart, and hopefully, you will all contribute to build a world class Proton one day.

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Higher Education : What to do in the first week of the semester

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  1. Know thy lecturer, early on, especially their teaching style, preferences and priority of their assessment
  2. Know thy subject, and understand the purpose of studying for those subjects
  3. Search and obtain important notes and reading materials as early as possible
  4. Plan your life for the semester

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